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The C of E parish church of central Carshalton, Surrey, England
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All Saints Church

Exterior from the South All Saints is an Anglican church, the Parish Church for central Carshalton, Surrey, England. It is particularly known for worship that is traditional and reverent. Our historic building is placed in a beautiful setting, and has an outstanding interior.

All Saints is within the Diocese of Southwark which is a geographical section of the Church of England. The Church of England web site describes our Christian faith.

The Church of England web-site has a baptisms, weddings and funerals page which gives general information such as who is entitled to have them, and the fees for the basic services. Our baptisms are usually short said services. You can ask for "extras" for weddings, but additional fees apply for bells, flowers, organist, or a choir. For more information see the leaflet giving more details.

As you move about the church, please take care. This ancient church contains features such as stone steps, hot candles and incense, and a stone floor that is uneven in places. The church is often open to the public; please take care of your valuables. Similarly the grave­yard has uneven surfaces and many trip hazards such as kerb-stones that may be concealed in undergrowth.

Please take responsibility for the safety of any children that you bring into the church or church­yard. The church is not continuously heated, and the thermostat is set to 17C to avoid damage to delicate equipment and furnishings, so we suggest you wear warm warm clothing when visiting in winter. We are sorry that the heater is not working at the moment, due to an inaccessible broken part. We are urging our contractors to replace it as soon as possible. In the meantime, the interior temperature is about 15C.

Our Getting help page describes how you can ask for prayer or a visit, and our Courtesy in Church page answers some questions that visitors sometimes ask.

All Saints' Parish

All Saints' parish covers approximately the areas commonly known as Carshalton Village and The Wrythe.

The Church of England provides an on-line facility to find out which parish you live in. Enter your post code in the box at the top left, and click the "search" button beside it. A map of your area should appear. Check that the pointer on the map shows where you live. A list of nearby churches is then shown to the right of the map; your parish church is highlighted in a red box, and the area within its parish is coloured pink on the map.

All Saints' Primary School

All Saints SchoolCarshalton Parish Church has for many years played an active part in primary education. At one stage early in the nineteenth century, the Rector and Church­wardens allowed a school to operate in the chancel of the old church! Other buildings followed and today's purpose-built two-form entry Voluntary Aided infant and junior school in Rotherfield Road is the latest, biggest and best in a long line.

It is a happy, high achieving school that accepts children for who they are, and aims to give them throughout their time security, confidence and stability. It promotes spiritual awareness, self-esteem and proper confidence, the children are encouraged to develop lively and enquiring minds and be able to form good personal relation­ships, and they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to face the future in an always changing world. While its academic record has always been a good one, faith is at the heart of a Christian school, and ours aims to be a place of love and joy, of mutual understanding and emotional depth. God has been good to us, and the school strives to share those good things.

The intake has recently been doubled to two-form entry, and there are a number of community places in addition to the faith places on which the school is built. The surroundings are modern and attractive, and the environment is one of great kindness. In addition to accepting children aged 4 to 11 in the primary school, the school has morning and after­noon nursery classes for children aged 3 to 4. The Rector is currently Chairman of the Governors of the School.

Detailed information about the school is available on the school's website, including advice about applying for a place there.

The school can be also contacted by e-mail .

Church Yard

Graveyard The church yard contains a great number of graves. Unfortunately it is now too full to accommodate any new graves. For information concerning graves contact the Parish Clerk, Rosemary Lilley.

We struggled to keep the church yard tidy, so this task has now been taken on by the local council.

For all enquiries please email the Rector, or the webmaster. © All Saints PCC 2005–2017